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Tile & Grout Restoration Services

About Grout's unique tile and grout restoration process is what sets us apart when it comes to tile floor restoration and remodeling.

Dirty, old grout joints are 100% restored back to a completely uniform color and STAIN PROOFED…not just stain resistant.

If coffee, grape juice, or other contaminants spill on grout, normally the grout will absorb the spill and it will leave a permanent grout stain in the joint. By using a specialized color sealing process, the grout color is locked in and spills and stains are locked out.

Easy To Completely Change Your Grout Color In Just Hours

Another fantastic option is to completely change the color of your grout without removing it. The results of changing grout color can be dramatic; creating a whole new look to a room. Grout color sealing can rejuvenate old tile installations to match newer decors thereby saving thousand on labor and materials to remove and replace tile. Avoid the expense, mess and inconvenience of replacing tile by restoring the grout color. But color sealing isn’t just for old tile installations; it’s best for new tile installation projects.

Color Sealing New Grout

When grout is brand new, it’s thirsty! Meaning, it’s very absorbent. Any spills or moisture on the grout will immediately soak into the grout-often times leaving a permanent mark. Even dirt in the mop water used for regular tile maintenance will darken the grout and leave a tile floor looking tired. Color sealing new grout is the perfect option if you want a tile floor that looks clean and stays that way with normal maintenance. The stain proofing protection grout color sealing provides goes way beyond the protection of any other type of grout sealer or restoration product.

At About Grout, we have the skills and expertise to help guide you on the best options for tile and grout restoration projects. Call now so we can provide you a comprehensive floor restoration analysis and quote. 99% of projects are completed the same day.

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